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December 29, 2005
note: dog with meat is inactive, see talk page - Capricorn 09:38, 2 December 2008 (UTC)

I am Dog with Meat, the name does not mean anything apart from an obscure and in itself meaningless Invader Zim reference.

About meEdit

I could say I am a phillosopher, strategist and information theorist who's main occupation is planing to take over the world, but in fact I am just an insignificant loser with an offbeat sense of humour. I don't think star trek fans are socialy shy people who are affraid of the real world and who live in their parents basement, but unfortunatly I'm an exception. I like other Science Fiction too.

Relevant information about me en wiki editingEdit

  • I'm not the kind of guy who activly edits just to contribute, I'm the kind of guy who wakes up in the middle of the night with a stupid and irrelevant question, searches the internet (Memory Alpha if it's star trek related), sees an inexcusable error and is caught in an editing chain reaction for the next two days.
  • I'm not a native english speaker. In fact my native language is dutch, but I have a low tolerance for incompleteness, so the only wiki I feel comfortable with is the most complete one. Furthermore I am very frustrated by translations of perfectly good therms like "Federation". ("Federatie" just does not sound so well). I guess that means I'm more vurnerable to spelling errors. The good thing that is I keep learning.
  • I don't like to delete things.

Relevant information on my view on star trekEdit

  • I find canon very important. In fact, I think TAS is already too much for this encyclopedia. However, I since the source of information is almost always clearly marked, I have no problems with the inclusion.
  • I don't know much technical details, especially not about the ships, Races and cultures are more my thing. I don't care much about races of the week, although I am very much interested in not-so-major races wich nontheless play a noticable role in the grand scheme of things, like Yridians, Coridans or Debrune. I know most there is to know about the major species, so I guess this was the logical next step.
  • Still there is much I do not know. I haven't seen most early episodes of Deep Space Nine, Many episodes in season 7 of TNG, About a third of TOS and some early episodes of voyager. I intend to watch them all as soon as possible, but there is so much else to do! There's stargate, Lost in space, Doctor Who, Andromeda, and even Farscape.
  • I'm a relative newcomer to star trek, I've been watching the series since season 4 of Voyager (wich where I live was aired about two years after production).

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