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Favorite Episodes

Star Trek: The Original Series

All...I think...

The Next Generation

All of Season 1


I must say that the Voyager crew is my favorite crew in all of Star Trek. They are a bunch of good, likable, kind, diverse, multi-faceted people - all with their own little quirks and idiosyncrasies; they are real. Their relationships to one another are also more authentic, more genuine, with more depth. It is almost like they have been real friends for years. Could anyone be sweeter, more awkward and nerdier than Harry Kim or more hilarious than The Doctor or more likable than Neelix? Even though after The Original Series, characters in the Star Trek universe, especially in TNG, have been more developed and acquired more depth instead of being mere caricatures, I think no series has managed to make their characters more realistic and layered as Voyager.


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