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Some of my earliest childhood (toddler) memories involve Star Trek. I can remember being in pre-school around 1977, trying to construct the USS Enterprise out of Bristle Blocks. I grew up watching reruns of The Original Series and later on remember seeing most of the early Trek films in the theater. I tuned in for the very first airing of Encounter at Farpoint. I've always been a Star Trek fan, and always will be. Over the years I attended several Star Trek conventions when they came to my city. In the mid-1990s I began reading TOS and TNG novels, and picked up the occasional Trek comic book, though after a few years my reading of Trek trailed off. I turned my reading of fiction in other directions, but became fascinated with tlhIngan Hol and studied it intensely. In recent years, my interest in Trek fiction has been rekindled, and I have started collecting more comics and am getting back into the novels. I'm eagerly anticipating the upcoming Star Trek Online game, and am active on the official forum.

I have contributed to a few wiki's and look forward to contributing to Memory-Alpha and Memory-Beta, perhaps sometimes with large contributions of articles, and probably more often minor edits and additions here and there.

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