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November 27, 2004
  • I live in Aberdeen, Scotland
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USS Defiant, NCC-1764
Username: Defiant
Home (also Place of Birth): Scotland, Planet Earth, the Milky Way Galaxy
USS Defiant firing phaser cannons

The prototype USS Defiant from DS9.

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Welcome to my User page.

I'm the founder of The X-Files Wiki. If you're a fan of both the Star Trek universe and the X-Files Universe (including The Lone Gunmen and Millennium), just drop on by and help to build the site.

I also created one of the internet's most complete archives of log entries - Star Trek: Captain's Logs.

Between 1 May 2005 and 14 July 2011, I was an administrator on this wiki. I am still active on Memory Alpha but have been stripped of my admin privileges and responsibilities due to a misunderstood joke, once. I still enjoy making edits to the site, though, and do my best to keep up-to-date with the site's policies and guidelines.

If you like/dislike my contributions, or have any issues you'd like to bring to my attention, etc., feel free to leave a message on my Talk page. Also, all my contributions can be found here

Episode Pages, etc.

Much of my work on Memory Alpha has been on episode articles and my use of Teaser/Acts sections revolutionized episode summaries on this site. Although some users argued that the method of using Teaser and Acts sections is not an improvement, a lot of the episode summaries found on MA use the method and the first use can be seen here.

I've recently been concentrating on the background information parts of this site and I'm partway through a systematic effort to upgrade the Voyager episode articles. For years, I've been meaning to do such work on a lot of the pages and try to help make this site even more definitive than it already is (thanks to the wonderful, ongoing efforts of the admins and fellow contributors). Originally, I came to the belief that, if I added as much production info to the episode articles as possible (while obviously trying to remain true to the guidelines by keeping the info consistently relevant), the elements singular to each episode (ships, technology and characters, etc. that were exclusively in only one installment or a few of them) could later be upgraded with the bg info from the episode articles, which would indicate where such info could be found. Quoting sources, rather than transcribing what has been said, was also meant to save time, though I intended for select quotes to later be replaced with transcriptions of them (by myself and/or others).

I chose to start work on the Voyager episodes first as, unlike series such as TNG and DS9 (which both have their respective Companion books), bg info on Voyager was not as available in any one source (meaning that the risk of copyright infringement by the endeavor to be definitive seemed less likely). There also seemed to be less text and audio commentaries for Voyager, so that adding the relevant info from those could be done more quickly. For years previously, I hadn't much liked Voyager as a series, finding Neelix a bit annoying and the Borg to have been severely over-used in the later seasons of the show. Even as I began the work on the Voyager episode articles, I still felt the same way about the later seasons. As I researched the episodes and worked on the articles about them, however, I developed more of an appreciation for the entire series from a production perspective.

Partway through adding info for the Season 5 episodes, I realized that upgrading the TAS episode articles could probably be done relatively quickly. I also noticed that a lot of the articles regarding topics that have been established and developed in a variety of the shows (such as starships, phasers, the bridges of various ships, Vulcans and their planet, etc., etc.) could do with some more info. I've therefore selected a handful of these from this type of articles (namely, communicators, quarters, transporters, transporter rooms and the planet Vulcan), and am working through researching info about them from the first 6 movies (having started with the sixth, before finding out about the history of the films ever since Star Trek: Phase II transformed into The Motion Picture). I also intend to continue occasionally adding bg info about film-specific topics, do some more final work on the TAS episode articles, and return to the Voyager information, before progressing onto the Star Trek: Enterprise episode articles (for which I've already been collecting scripts), the TNG episode articles and those for DS9. I also intend to do more transcribing of quotes for TNG and DS9. At this stage, I'm simply hoping that my reach doesn't exceed my grasp....

Favorite Productions

Although I'm a keen supporter of underdog episodes like TOS: "Spock's Brain", TNG: "Shades of Gray" and ENT: "These Are the Voyages..." (liking the glimpses they give into the workings of the fictional Star Trek universe, regardless of their general popularity or lack thereof), some of my all-time favorite Star Trek productions are TNG: "The Defector" (the first Trek I ever saw; I was hooked from that moment on) and the series of original Star Trek films (which I pretty much grew up watching). The only Trek series or movie which I don't like is DS9, which (for the most part) I can't stand!

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