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October 23, 2005

Okay, I've done a few edits (which is a few more than I originally planned), so I might as well eliminate the redlink to my username.

I plan to make very minor changes here, as most of my activities involve reading. I'm most certainly a fan of Star Trek, though not fanatically so.

About me (and Star Trek)Edit

I actually got into TNG late: I had refused to watch TNG because I saw it as just another "new generation" show among the many that cropped up over the years. I probably saw bits and pieces of TNG, but the first episode I really remember was the last twenty minutes of "I Borg". Needless to say, I was hooked. I've seen most of the various series, but if I feel the series is degenerating, I don't usually watch it: I stopped watching the last several episodes of DS9, and I was sorely tempted to stop watching VOY when they got a little overboard with Seven of Nine. I never got past the first episodes of ENT due to personal reasons, but when I tried watching it again around the second or third season, I just couldn't watch it any more.

I'm also on Wikipedia (as Deathphoenix) and on the Ultronomicon (as Phoenix)

My favourite TNG non-regular character is probably N'Vek. I can't think of a least favourite non-regular character, but my least favourite regular character has got to be Wesley Crusher.


Some of my favourite episodes from the various series:



  • "Yesterday's Enterprise"
    • Holy smokes, what a good episode. I loved the scene where Picard & the bridge changes from light to dark. I would have loved to see the unfilmed scene of Wesley Crusher's decapitation.
  • "The Offspring"
  • "The Best of Both Worlds"
  • "I Borg"
    • The first TNG episode I remember seeing, this one convinced me to watch TNG and catch up via syndication.
  • "The Inner Light"
    • An excellent, touching episode, especially when the elderly "Kamin's" wife and friend reappeared to speak with him.


  • "Emissary"
    • I don't usually put down pilots as my favourites, but I really enjoyed how they set things up in this dark episode.
  • "The Visitor"
    • I'll say unabashadly that this episode put tears in my eyes.
  • "Trials and Tribble-ations"
    • Hilarious, and an excellent recap of a TOS classic.
  • "Who Mourns for Morn?"
    • Another hilarious episode that showed a lot of the DS9 "inside jokes".


  • "Basics, Part II"
    • Usually, when a two-part episode is a favourite, I mean I highly enjoyed both parts. In this case, I think I enjoyed Part II a lot more—because of the "Die Hard" aspect and because of Suder's intense inner struggle.
  • "Unity"
    • I hated how VOY trivialised the Borg, but as one of the early episodes featuring them, I highly enjoyed this episode because of its drama and depth of character.
  • "Year of Hell"
    • Wow, what a dark two-parter. I loved it because of the darkness and bleakness of the situation. Too bad it was in an alternate timeline.
  • "Drone"
    • Yes, this was another episode that mainly focused on Seven, and yes, this episode was a lot like "The Offspring", but the latter is why I liked this episode, in spite of the former.


I didn't watch enough episodes to really state any favourites.

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