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To be used on all DVD, HD DVD and Blu-Ray Disc release pages. The template will add {{realworld}} and Category: DVDs automatically. All parameters are optional, and some will not apply at each usage.

{{sidebar dvd
| image=           Cover image (for use where R1 and R2 are identical, or for Blu-ray packaging)
| imageR1=         Region 1 cover image
| DVD=             If the release is a DVD release, enter "Yes"
| HDDVD=           If the release is an HD DVD release, enter "Yes"
| BD=              If the release is a Blu-ray Disc release, enter "Yes"
| Series=          The series the release belongs to
| Season=          The corresponding season
| Episodes=        No. of episodes
| Discs=           No. of discs
| Director=        Director (only for movies)
| DateR1=          Region 1 release date
| RatingR1=        Region 1 rating
| DateRA=          Region A release date (for Blu-ray releases)
| RatingRA=        Region A rating (for Blu-ray releases)
| DateR2=          Region 2 release date
| DateR2S=         Region 2 slimline release date
| RatingR2=        Region 2 rating
| DateRB=          Region B release date (for Blu-ray releases)
| RatingRB=        Region B rating (for Blu-ray releases)
| Year=            In-universe year
| Reference=       Reference number (ISBN/ASIN/etc)
| imageR2=         Region 2 cover image
| imageR2S=        Region 2 slimline cover image
| imageMenu=       Main menu image
| imageMenuDisc1=  Disc 1 main menu (for Special Editions)
| imageMenuDisc2=  Disc 2 main menu (for Special Editions)
| Subtitles=       Available subtitles (region 1)

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