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November 29, 2005
USS Equinox, dorsal aft

The USS Rhode Island, DannyBoy7783's first assignment

DannyBoy7783 is a member of the wiki community. Please take a minute to read his fake and real biographies and drop him a line.

In-Universe BiographyEdit

Lieutenant DannyBoy7783, a close friend of Jean-Luc Picard, was accepted to Starfleet Academy after a letter of recomendation was sumbmitted by the Captain. He later graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2370 (Stardate 47215.4) and managed to land a position on the first mission of the USS Rhode Island (NCC-72701), a joint mission between the Bajoran government and Starfleet to explore the Bajoran wormhole's affects. With a specialty in cybernectics and computer systems, DannyBoy7783's specific task was to investigate the potential harm the stable wormhole could have on electronic equipment after prolonged exposure. The USS Rhode Island was conducting a number of other experiments mostly based on verteron particle science. Some experiments with chroniton particles led to a mishap that tossed the USS Rhode Island forward in time 7 days. Through the efforts of the Temporal Integrity Commission the USS Rhode Island was able to return to its proper time. The heroics and leadership of DannyBoy7783 during this trying mission led to his eventual promotion to Lieutenant as well as being awarded the Starfleet Medal of Honor.

Nova class MSD

A schematic of the USS Rhode Island from DannyBoy7783's assigned computer terminal

Lieutenant DannyBoy7783 has been researching Lieutenant Commander Data for years and plans to make his own android once Starfleet approves his proposal. On a more personal note, DannyBoy7783 loves to take shuttlecraft, especially the Type 9 shuttlecraft out on private trips.

In 2375, DannyBoy7783 participated in an officer exchange program within Starfleet and had the opporitunity to serve aboard the USS Enterprise-E with Captain Jean-Luc Picard, his long time family friend.

In an alternate future timeline Lieutenant DannyBoy7783 reached the rank of Captain and was given command of the USS Rhode Island. He chose his original android creation, who had attained the rank of Lieutenant Commander, as his second in command. Harry Kim would go on to serve as Captain of the USS Rhode Island after DannyBoy7783.

Real-World BiographyEdit

USS Rhode Island intercepts SC-4

DannyBoy7783 rides shotgun with the USS Rhode Island in the Providence, a Type 9 shuttlecraft

All kidding aside, I'm a 22 year old college student finishing my last semester as an undergraduate student. I'm majoring in Anthropology and Political Science. I'm engaged to be married this coming August but my fiancee and I have since postponed our plans.

My interests include Science Fiction (Star Trek, Star Wars, ALIENS, Blade Runner, I Robot, etc.), collecting action figures, wiki-ing, watching movies, playing video games now and then and generally coming up with crackpot theories and ideas.

I've been a member of Wookieepedia since Dec. '05 and have made some significant contributions there many of which included image uploads. I'm a huge fan of Star Trek and Star Wars but I am slightly more familiar with Star Wars and find it easier to contribute at Wookieepedia than here. I hope to help out here in the future so please don't worry that I'm only here for a profile page.

Don't hesitate to contact me!

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