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User scores as of Thu Feb 19 10:35:47 2009. Players with unknown Memory Alpha user names are not listed.

User Plays as Score Rank
gvsualan gvsualan 5761 Tng fadm Fleet Admiral
Shran ThylekShran 5633 Tng fadm Fleet Admiral
Morder Morder 4499 Tng fadm Fleet Admiral
Enzo Aquarius EnzoAquarius 4057 Tng fadm Fleet Admiral
Bp bp0 3044 Tng adm Admiral
OuroborosCobra OuroborosCobra 2957 Tng vadm Vice Admiral
Tim Thomason Tim_Thomason 2128 Tng radm Rear Admiral
Mindt MindT 1653 Tng radmlh Rear Admiral lower half
Vince47 Vince47 1222 Tng capt Captain
Mainphramephreak Mainphramephreak 1049 Tng capt Captain
Rom Ulan Rom_Ulan 989 Tng cmdr Commander
TimPendragon TimPendragon 801 Tng cmdr Commander
ThomasHL ThomasHL 782 Tng cmdr Commander
DarkHorizon DHorizon 769 Tng cmdr Commander
Sulfur sulphur 739 Tng cmdr Commander
Shisma alex|under 709 Tng cmdr Commander
AJHalliwell AJHalliwell 678 Tng cmdr Commander
Quintus _Quintus_ 455 Tng ltcmdr Lieutenant Commander
Jörg JorgH 388 Tng ltcmdr Lieutenant Commander
Kobi kobi_bremen 325 Tng ltcmdr Lieutenant Commander
WTRiker WTRiker 313 Tng ltcmdr Lieutenant Commander
Janewayfan4497 Janewayfan4497 266 Tng lt Lieutenant
Gonk Gonk 204 Tng lt Lieutenant
Ortzinator Ortzinator 187 Tng ltjg Lieutenant Junior Grade
Sannse sannse 148 Tng ensign Ensign
FastLizard4 FastLizard4 137 Tng ensign Ensign
Majorthomme majorthomme 101 Tng ensign Ensign
Cid Highwind CidHighwind 90 Tng cdt1 Cadet 1st class
Sdamon Six-of-Six 79 Tng cdt1 Cadet 1st class
Captainmike cptmkb 60 Tng cdt2 Cadet 2nd class
Timeship DeLorean UTS_DeLorean 34 Tng cdt3 Cadet 3rd class
Vedek Dukat thatoneguy 6 Tng cdt4 Cadet 4th class

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