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July 12, 2008
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Head officer, Homefront
Name: Jeze Parx
Gender: Male
DOB: 2356
Origin: Earth
Current Location: Paris
Occupation: Starfleet officer as a Shuttlecraft Specialist.
Spouse: Daniel Lockwood
Species: 1/4th Vulcan (grandfather), 3/4th Human
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Hi I'm Jeze Parx, I'm an engineer who currently lives in Paris with my partner Daniel who is a pilot. Daniel was piloting an experimental craft I designed to fight the Dominion, suffice to say it broke down in deep space and I went to rescue him which is how we met! I never really wanted to go explore space all the time, and certainly not live on starship. I prefer to stick to my work here at the capitol and make the most out of the latest Federation discoveries and work them into my new shuttlecraft designs. I was temporarily assigned to homeworld security during the war with the dominion, and I'm glad that is all over.

My grandfather Haarika was Vulcan which makes me 1/4th Vulcan and 3/4th Human, this gives me ever so slightly pointed ears! Most people don't notice... except those who have had the chance to look at me really closely! As I looked into my genetic identity from an early age I took an interest in both Vulcan and Human traditions. I'm certainly not without my emotions but I can focus my mind better than most too.

As a hobby I must admit that I am addicted to early 21th century types of media. Holodecks are great don't get me wrong but myself and Dan have found theres something really relaxing about lying back and just being carried away by the narrative of a good television show or reading an old book. I sometimes feel that we have things too easy these days, and that so many fantasic things have occurred in the last hundred years our imagination as a species isn't quite that which it used to be. My favourite show I've found in the LCARS database so far is one called Stargate, I'm just glad I don't have to wait for each episode to come out as they would have back then!

I'm really pleased with Memory Alpha, it's a great oppurtunity for Starfleet officers to tell it like they remember it. Logs and hard records are fine don't get me wrong but don't flow quite as easy. Memory Alpha gives officers the kind of insight in to a situation that other sources can't. I am pleased that Starfleet finally decided to allow classified information to be in the database. Of course it does mean only we can see it and not everyone in the Federation.

If you wish to talk to me, please leave a note for me on my User talk page.

p.s. Something you might find interesting! USS Voyager whilst in the delta quadrant built their own ship!

It was called the Delta Flyer and although I didn't build it... I have to admit it looks pretty damned amazing, take a look for yourself! There also an article about it on Memory Alpha!

Delta Flyer

Jeze ;-P

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