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July 13, 2007
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Name: Curst Saden
DOB: (Not Available)
Origin: Colorado, Earth
Current Location: Bajor
Occupation: Captain of the Federation Starship Acadia
Favorite Episode: "The Reckoning"
Favorite Movie: Star Trek Nemesis
Favorite Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: The Next Generation

Curst Saden joined Memory Alpha, but it wasn't until months later, July 12, 2007, that he began to contribute to the site.


Curst Saden is a trekkie by nature (one reason why he joined), as well as a Star Wars fan, Stargate fan and Battlestar Galactica fan. As well as space, he is also a fan of magical settings like Lord of the Rings and greatly appeals to real-life and fantasy matters involving Dinosaurs, whether it be a new discovery or a good read of Dinotoia or a watch of Jurassic Park.

Considered by many as a nerd in his world, Memory Alpha is most likley the only place where he can put his knowledge and love for Star Trek to good use.

Aside from fandom interests, he has a liking to creative writing, teaching, occasional theatre, reading and collecting lapel pins and fossils. His favorite foods are Philly Cheese Steaks, Sesame Chicken and Angel Hair Pasta.


Curst Saden keeps his age and location secret on the internet. As far as anyone knows, he lives in Waterall City, Dinotopia. Some also say he owns a condo on Bajor. He is Captain of the Federation Starship Acadia and explores deep space.

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The Closet Cult--Curst Saden's role-play forum, where members can participate in role-plays about Star Trek and a hundred other topics.

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