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I am a happily married father of three great kids, and I'm a hardcore Trekker. I love the movies, love the actors, love the genre, love the fictitious universe. I also love the Star wars universe and am a member of the 501st and a costumer.

User Weyoun said that Jeffrey Combs is an awesome actor. I fully agree. I saw him in Hammerhead: Shark Frenzy (a pitiful "B" horror flick) and he was absolutely the only redeeming factor the film had. He was an eagle among turkeys in that sad excuse for a film.

In his role as Weyoun, he is charismatic and witty beyond what was scripted and I applaud him for it. He gets better with every role he plays, but by far, my favorite will always be Weyoun. Jeffrey Combs is one of the top ten people I hope to meet and talk to before I (or they) die.

The top ten (subject to constant change) incidentally - are:

David Petraeus, Zell Miller, Jeff Lynne, Aron Ralston, Jeffrey Combs, Hugh Hefner, Henry Winkler, Fredrick DeKlerk, Newt Gingrich, and Arthur Blank

While I am a heterosexual libertarian, I am a supporter of gay rights and I really wish I could have met Paul Lynde before he died. With all his faults and sometimes irate demeanor, he was an incredible actor.

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