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"We're strangers in this part of the universe." - Kirk (Fourth UK Story Arc)

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Star Trek Comic Strip (UK)

I am gradually working on pages for the UK comics, and hope to get them up to featured status. I love the retro-futuristic art and how there are no references to other continuity (unlike a lot of the inbred self-referential stuff being published lately).

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Connor sez:

i'm in ur wiki editun ur pagez

Connor Cabal is a pseudonym taken from two of my favourite films; Sarah Connor (Terminator 2: Judgment Day), and the Cabal family (Things to Come).

space cadets

Sputnik I

Let's see what's out there.

In my opinion, Star Trek is not a realistic portrayal of the future. I don't expect it to be. Rather than science fiction, it is science fantasy. Picasso is said to have remarked, "Art is a lie that leads us closer to the truth." At its best, there is a sense of wonder, a spirit of exploration and cooperation, and archetypal characters are confronted with moral choices. Many of the characters and species are iconic, and it is fun to mash them together and see what happens.

Another aspect is the craft of the franchise. As Rick Sternbach used to say, "We've been doing so much with so little for so long, we're now qualified to do anything with nothing." Despite a sometimes limited budget, the scripts have often been poignant and the designs innovative. A love of the format and the continuity; a genuine desire to produce stories of quality has often been very evident.

Constructed worlds are often likened to sandboxes. The Wikipedia article on them says, in part, "Sandpits encourage the imaginations and creativity of children by providing the materials and space to build structures such as sandcastles; use toy trucks, shovels, and buckets to move the sand around; dig holes and bury things, etc. [...] the sand provides a medium in which children can pretend to explore, construct, and destroy".

Sounds like fun. If the purpose of entertainment is recreation, to "re-create" one's self, providing refreshment, what more can we ask from Star Trek?

snow time

I believe very strongly in the 'it's better than nothing' approach to editing. I sometimes make what might be considered incomplete edits. This is usually due to a lack of time, or sometimes a lack of resources. But that's okay, because I am one of a community of editors.

One snowflake isn't very threatening, but when they all gang up on you, watch out! In accord with this, I seek out ways to expand on what others have started and hope that others will expand on my seedlings rather than deleting them. Be glad we have what little we do rather than nothing at all. There's always potential.


I've been thinking about what the basic ingredients of a Star Trek story are. What makes a story so that it is best told as a Star Trek story? The main characters encounter an iconic group that are facing a moral dilema or become part of the dilemma in a clash of cultures. This is a basic theme that holds true in all incarnations of Trek, I think.


Although editing under the name of Connor Cabal since 2007, I've actually been contributing since 2005 under the name "StAkAr Karnak". (You can see my archived user page here and my archived talk here). Longstoryshort: introspection, a desire for change, and a few other things moved me to reprioritize and rebrand. Dunno if it matters to anyone here, but now you know.

is Lost in Space REALLY that bad?!?

The mere mention makes eyes roll and prompts sigs and groans. I'd never seen much of it, so I went through the entire series over the past year. And I thought it was fun. There were plenty of embarrassingly corny moments, but it was cheesy entertainment that I got a lot of enjoyment out of. Over on the Irwin Allen Wiki (Lost in Space, etc.) I am a Bureaucrat-level administrator by default. I say this because I am the only remaining contributor, and the founder gave me the reins before she split. It'd be nice if anyone who had any interest in the show could drop by and contribute. I don't have anywhere near the technical skills that are on Memory Alpha, and it would be cool to see Lost in Space get the wiki-treatment done right.

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