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January 12, 2013

Hi everyone. My name is Tim Collier, and I have a love of all things Star Trek.

I can't tell you when I began watching ST:TOS when I was a kid, as it was in reruns, after the local news, and I only remember being able to watch them when I got my own 13" black and white television in my bed room. But it didn't take long for me to realize that way before all other science fiction had reached me through TV, books and movies that Star Trek was my one and only.

I remember standing in line by myself at the movie theater to see the first movie, and being 11 years old at the time, standing out among the adults who were at least twice my age if not more, and many of them asking me if I was in the right line. Absolutely.

Sure, I had friends who watched it now and then. Some who had watched all of the original episodes and went to see the movies. But they never saw it the way I did, the deeper meaning behind the characters, how Bones and Spoke played the perfect complement to Kirk. How having an Asian, then a Russian on the bridge of the Enterprise back in the 60's was groundbreaking, not to mention Uhura. Maybe I was reading too much into it, but then I always looked for more in everything than my friends ever did.

I first discovered Memory Alpha when trying to find the name of an actor on an episode I was watching, and did a Google search...and was happy to find a place where there was more than a list. Where there were more than just a copy of credits you find yourself at the beginning and end of the episodes. This place was filled with more than facts and all the special features you get on DVD's.

Since that time, I never thought about editing any information as my knowledge pales in comparison to what I see on here, but just this evening I ran across a section where I did know one interesting little thing, and felt it was my duty as an "associate member" of Starfleet to make sure this was common knowledge to anyone who was interested.

My small addition was to The Big Bang Theory section for the episode 'The Russian Rocket Reaction'. That episode's storyline focused on Wil Wheaton having a party at his house, and inviting the main characters of the show to attend. Following the show, one of the show's producers posted on Twitter that there were two very special guests in the background at the party. I recognized one of them immediately as D.C. Fontana, but didn't know the other. Sending a tweet back to him, he told me I was correct, and that the other was David Gerrold. So that information has been added to the Wiki for that episode, and I can only hope that somewhere someone reads that and goes "Hey, that's pretty cool! I didn't know that!"

Thanks Memory Alpha for the opportunity to share!


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