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The following is a list of TNG episodes I have contributed background information to. Some minor, some more extensive, depending on the amount of info available and what was there already. I proceed on a "whatever episode I feel like writing up, whenever I feel like it" basis, but I will help out on a particular article if asked. This extends to the other series as well. :-)

Primary sources:

Season One Edit

Season Two Edit

Season Three (Complete) Edit


"The day he visited the set I had to say, 'Separate the saucer section, assign a skeleton crew,' and I asked him, 'Can you lay off the alliteration a little, Michael... please.'" - Elizabeth Dennehy

Season Four (complete) Edit

Noonian Soong, 2367

"It was difficult because I had to hear dialogue that I hadn't read yet coming out of somebody else's mouth before I would get to it." - Brent Spiner

Season Five Edit

Worf and Riker experience nIb&#039;poH

"I came up with the poker game while I was eating pancakes and pouring syrup. I had no idea how it happened – because it was before the sugar rush." - Brannon Braga

Season Six Edit


"At one point, we finally said 'Why not the dog?'" – Ronald D. Moore

Season Seven Edit

Anaphasic lifeform

"I can't believe we're doing this." – Rick Berman

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