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Real World article
(written from a Production point of view)
Ron Moore's AOL chats
Created by: Ronald D. Moore & The Internet
Production dates: c. 1997-1999
Episodes: 129 regular episodes
1 "lost" episode (130)
Ronald D. Moore 2002
The cast in Season 1
Ronald D. Moore
The cast in Season 2
This article is about the series. You may also be looking for the chat known only as "raolchat" or fruit.

"Stop moving my chats."
- Ronald D. Moore, 2372
Ron Moore's AOL chats (formally, the letters of St. Ron to the Trekkians) are a series of ancient texts carbon-dated between 1997 and 1999, composed of the ramblings of Ronald D. Moore (occasionally under his alias, Ronald B. Moore). In them, Moore humorously avoided answering any questions posed, implicated Brannon Braga in all of Trek's mistakes, and revealed which of the DS9 crew were cylons.

In a historical irony, these chats would be later invoked to settle the most fundamental theological disputes among Star Trek fans, such as whether "In the Pale Moonlight" was a reference to Batman. Ronotheistic Trekkies would add Moore's opinions on everything from Alpha Jem'Hadar to Ziyal on an online encyclopedia.


The show was known for its complex characters and storylines, engaging battle scenes and darker (less Utopian) atmosphere. Unlike its predecessors Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation, AOL chats tended to avoid an episodic format for most of its run and instead featured multiple-episode story arcs. It tended to deal with subjects never before dealt with in any real depth by Star Trek; subjects such as who started the US Civil War, Monica Lewinsky, and why all female characters on Star Trek were sex kittens.

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Allegedly memorable quotes

"Kirk's death? Braga. Scotty thinking Kirk was alive in "Relics"? Braga. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier? Braga."

Ron 47:47

Borg cube destroys the Melbourne

The USS Melbourne destroys a Template:ShipClass starship

"<Ok Ron, you can answer this once and for all. Was the USS Melbourne a Template:ShipClass or Template:ShipClass?>"
"This was not the intention. We saw it as the Borg cube."

Ron 3:14

"<What's the D. stand for?>"

Ron 108:7

"I think we all know who that shuttlecraft was named after..."

Ron 75:14

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