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German SS insigniaEdit

German SS Rank Old image Screenshot New image
deleted Nazi soldier 2, Storm Front SS patch private
(Unterscharführer) JUNIOR SQUAD LEADER
deleted Nazi soldier 1, Storm Front WWIISSCorpPatch
Staff Sergeant
(Oberscharführer) SENIOR SQUAD LEADER
deleted Nazi guard, The killing game I WWIISSSergeant
Second Lieutenant
deleted Turanj SS patch 2nd lieutenant
First Lieutenant
deleted Ghrath SS patch 1st lieutenant
deleted Nazi Kapitan SS patch captain
Lieutenant Colonel
deleted Vosk SS patch lieutenant colonel
deleted Karr SS patch colonel

Ekosian SS insigniaEdit

German SS Rank Old image Screenshot New image
Soldier deleted Ekosian SS private SS patch private
Lance Corporal ??? old image incorrect Ekosian SS Corporal Ekos SS patch 2
File:Ekos SS patch 2.png
Corporal ??? old image incorrect Spock SS Sergeant Ekos SS patch 3
File:Ekos SS patch 3.png
Sergeant ??? old image incorrect Ekosian trooper No border, one bar, one pip - patch is not a correct SS insignia
Lieutenant deleted Ekosian Gestapo lieutenant-2 SS patch 2nd lieutenant
Senior Lieutenant deleted Spock SS SS patch 1st lieutenant
Gestapo Officer deleted KirkSSBlack Ekos SS patch 1
File:Ekos SS patch 1.png
SS-Official deleted Ekosian SS official SS patch lieutenant colonel
Major EkosSSMajor Ekosian SS-colonel unknown leaf graphic - needs further identification
(Gestapo Doctor)
deleted McCoySS unknown leaf graphic - needs further identification
Brigadier SSBrigRed Ekosian SS Brigadier different color, eventually Flak artillery? - still "SS" insignia in that case?
General deleted Ekosian SS General-1 not a General's patch as listed here - needs further identification
Marshal deleted Ekosian marshal, Frank da Vinci SS-Marshal insignia

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