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This page is... rather self-explanatory.

To-do Edit

  • Fix flagrant grammatical errors in "The Gift"'s summary.
  • Create Biometric scan article or expand Biometrics.
  • Finish thoroughly vetting the Jonathan Archer article for FA vote. (Note: check for link to Archerite and Apocrypha for USS Archer
    • First leave my initial comments
      • Update: on hold as it undergoes heavy editing; wait for a stable article to review
  • Overhaul Dampening field:
    • wrong POV
    • questionable description ("blocks power emissions"? Too vague: there are different types of DFs, most of which interfere with either narrow or broad-band EM radiation)
  • Figure out/fix Klingon Anatomy-physician problem
  • Follow up on Latin language phrase link
  • Take over Memory Alpha and become the sole b-crat and admin (block everyone else from editing or reading the site)
  • Greatly expand ST Files: EV, and its related Hal Schuster books, such as Star Trek Files Magazine series (ref.)
  • Rework Christianity article to remove references to "Saint-Cities" (add a bg note, possibly)
  • Fill pages with patent nonsense
  • Create Engineering (academic discipline) page – even if it's just a stub. There must be such a page!
  • Clean up Memory Alpha:Patent nonsense (lots of work)
  • Clean up Compressed teryon beam weapon
  • Add notes for mobile users (where applicable) on the MA:Help and MA:Guidelines pages
  • Redo user page (relegate real-life info, Trek "favorites", etc to sub pages)
  • Find and add as many nitpicks as possible
  • Clean up/clarify racism. (viz., explain distinction between intra-species – eg, Earth racism – and inter-species – eg., anti Vulcan prejudice; and vice versa – racism. But figure out how to distinguish if from, say, Romulans' xenophobia.)

Done, Hiatus, or Given up Edit

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