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My "Tips and Tricks" Page.

Please feel free to add/expand/correct!

Style Edit

  • Dashes. Use "& n d a s h;" This yields " – ". We use it for offsetting parenthetical statements – such as this – to comply with MA's style guidelines.

Linking Edit

Internal Linking Edit

External Linking Edit

  • External links, type 1. [] yields [1] – an unlabeled, numbered link.
  • External links, type 2. [ Google] yields Google – a labeled link.
  • External Wikipedia links. {{w|Star Trek}} yields Star Trek – an unlabeled, non-obvious link (though I've noticed if you zoom in, you can see a "Wikipedia" icon. Neat!
  • An explicit Wikipedia link.  {{wikipedia|Memory Alpha|Memory Alpha}} yields Memory Alpha at Wikipedia.
  • A link to another Wikia wiki. [[w:c:stexpanded|Worf]] yields Worf – a "Wikia internal" link.

Links with special characters Edit

Note: I copied – verbatim – the following from Morder's sub-page, User:Morder/Strange. Thank you, Morder!

  • If you want to add an external url within a template param that contains an = sign [note: or other special character]'ll have to format it with &#x3D
  • Example: Museum of the Confederacy

[Here are the common characters found in Web links]

&#x20; <space>
&#x21; !
&#x22; "
&#x23; #
&#x24; $
&#x25; %
&#x26; &
&#x27; '
&#x28; (
&#x29; )
&#x2A; *
&#x2B; +
&#x2C; `
&#x2D; -
&#x2E; .
&#x2F; /
&#x3A; :
&#x3B; ;
&#x3C; <
&#x3D; =
&#x3E; >
&#x3F; ?

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