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Captain XEdit

Captain X is actually short for "Captain Excabier", a nickname given to me by a high school teacher - you've now had your curiosity satisfied, rah. I actually prefer going by "CX", but most places have a three character limit, so I end up using what, as it turns out, is also the name of a British comic book hero's name instead.


I contributed a little bit the Vulcan language page, adding what I thought was obvious given the context of a scene, but apparently that didn't go over so well and it was promptly erased, and any points I made on the subject ignored. In any case I don't really add much anymore, though to be honest I haven't come across anything else I thought needed more information - kudos to the people who do this kind of stuff regularly.

Personal ProjectsEdit

I started out in fan fiction, or "virtual series" if you prefer, with a series called Star Trek: Endeavour which died a quick death. It was set after DS9 and VOY, took place on an ungraded Galaxy-class starship, and ignored NEM because everyone on staff agreed that it really sucked.

Currently I'm working on a series called Star Trek: Foundations, which is a reboot of ENT, which I felt was generally a good idea but had a very poor execution. This is ironic because I generally hate the idea of reboots, but in this case it's actually to help the series fit in better with established continuity (at least that's part of why I'm doing it).

Favorite Series/MoviesEdit

Deep Space Nine remains my favorite series, because its characters weren't arrogant and uninteresting, and because the series focused more on the ensemble cast, and dealt with consequences of actions they or others took instead of sailing off into the sunset at the end of every episode. I liked the story-arc style of the series, and I liked how dark it could get at times because of the themes it explored.

I sort of like ENT and TNG too, but to be honest they haven't aged well for me over the years.

As for movies, I'd say The Wrath of Khan, The Undiscovered Country, and First Contact are my only real favorites.

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