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January 27, 2007
Rank: Tng ensign
Name: ********
User Name: Captain_Jon
Born: Dec. **, 19**
Favorite Movie: Star Trek: First Contact
Favorite Starship:
USS Enterprise-D, TNG Season 1-2

Enterprise D

Hey, my name is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, but my user name is Captain Jon.

This users MA rank is Ensign.

I'd love to be the captain of a starship, but I still have about 300 years to go! Here are some of my favorite things that came from Star Trek:

Favorite Star Ships Edit

Favorite Star Trek Movies Edit

and the soon to be...

General Favorites Edit

One of my favorite things to do, after I come home from school, is to turn on Spike TV and to watch Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Star Trek: Voyager.I find it relaxing to listen and to watch what our possible future could be. I sometimes think about what type of fan I really am. Not to make fun of all other fans, but I've seen only two types of fans: Trekkies and Trekkers. Although thry might sound alike, they have two different meanings. The term Trekkies refers to the fan that needs every known item based on Star Trek and goes to every convention known to man. But then there are the Trekkers. They are the lesser of the more complex Trekkie. They like to watch the movies, some of the series', and might own one or two models and video games. Hopefully I have not offended anyone!

The USS Enterprise-D HAS to be one of my favorite star ships in any of the series, including the USS Voyager. One of my favorite parts of the Enterprise-D is the fact that it could separate to form the Saucer Section and the Star Drive Section. Although this could be used to save most of the people from a death that might occur, none of the sections could land on a planet. A perfect example is Star Trek Generations. I think that this separation is cooler than the USS Voyager landing on a planet.

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