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Captain Covington was a Human interstellar smuggler.

Born on Earth to Starfleet parents, Covington studied warp field dynamics and biomedical engineering, dropping out about a semester before graduation. He signed on with Starfleet in the enlisted corps at the height of the Dominion War, serving honorably on several ships as an engineering technician. He received a field promotion to lieutenant on USS Churchill after the death of the engineer in command.

Following the war, he served in engineering and medical positions with deep-space Starfleet operations groups CAP and IGS. Virtually without warning, Covington commandeered the USS Andromeda and sold it at auction on the Ferengi exchanges, using the proceeds to purchase a small but diverse fleet of run-of-the-mill cargo transports, which he used to start a below-board interstellar freight service.

Though his exact whereabouts were generally unknown, he frequently accessed LCARS databases through Lissepian proxy servers. His last confirmed location was at Ross 614 on Stardate 56020, when USS Hill confiscated a cargo of Katterpod beans on his freighter destined for Romulan space, in violation of Federation trade agreements. Covington was released when his holds were cleared; he departed in the direction of Archer IV. It was later determined that Tal Shiar operatives had intended to kill Covington at his rendezvous point, disappointing many who had hoped to crush his expanding operation.

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