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User: CaptainIngold
Location: Cork, Ireland
Occupation: Captain of the Akira-class Kinsale
Favourite Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Favourite Films: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek
Favourite Regular Characters: The Doctor, The Russian guy
Favourite Recurring Character: Reg Barclay
Favourite Score: The Voyage Home
Caretaker in Human form
"You kids get off ma lawn!"

(User's note: The above picture is not an accurate representation of this user)

Akira escapes exploding cube

Akira-class, Riding the thunderstorm

Akira and Defiants fire, Message in a Bottle

Federation starships move in, guns a-blazing

USS Enterprise (alternate reality) at warp

The Enterprise races to the scene of the crime

I'm Captain Ingold, and though I'm not very active here, I use Memory Alpha a lot. If you, for some weird reason, want to ask me something, feel free to do so on my talk page.

About meEdit

Well, I'm Irish. Which means I speak Irish. I bet you can't do that. I guess I win Memory Alpha?

On Other WikiesEdit

What I like in Star TrekEdit

I'm very much into Star Trek. My personal favourite series are Voyager and TOS, but I will gladly watch Enterprise or TNG. TAS not as much, because I'm not into animation that much, and DS9 scares me with its political approach to Star Trek. I've seen most of the films (about 3 of the original movies, which I have on DVD, are as yet unviewed), of which First Contact and the Voyage Home are my favourites - not to forget the newest one, of course!

I've read one book, possibly two, one about Reg Barclay and the other one - I've completely forgotten. I enjoyed reading them - what else is there to do with Star Trek? - but not as much as I enjoy watching the show.

I regret to say that I have only seen one theatrical release of the films (Star Trek), but have all the Enterprise (NCC-1701) - no matter which Kirk is in them!

Non-Star TrekEdit

I'm very into books, in particular a number of series and, let's be honest here, masterpieces, such as:

  • Pern, a fictional world orbiting Rukbat in the series by Anne MacCaffrey
  • The Lord of the Rings

I also have something that probably counts as an obsession for computer games. Age of Empires, Sim City, Total War; these are all fantastic series I've played. Europa Universalis III is also epic. A Nintendo DS is my only console, and I enjoy such games as MarioKart, the Pokémon series (from which I own every game bar the original Blue), and many more.

It's around this point that I start rambling in order to fill space. How users like Shran fill their entire page down to the scroll bar, I'll never know, but it may well be by using the same tactic I currently employ. Well, perhaps you'll find something amusing/interesting in the pictures on the right, or the userboxes at the bottom, because at this point you're just reading complete nonsense. Of course, this wouldn't have happened under Reagan... young people these days... elephants...

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