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November 27, 2005

Yah, welcome to my humble page. I'm usually online on a "Whenever I Feel Like It" basis. But as you can see, I like taking picture from this site and perverting them with my nutty captions (scroll below). And this one goes out to all you Klingons, Hab SoSli' Quch! Wanna know what that means? Learn to speak Klingon! That's not my problem. And FYI, I'm not a trekkie. I'm a Trekker. And it'l stay that way, kapish?

Current StatusEdit

Well, may I first point out that I'm not one of those freaks who know every line of every episode. I just watch the show! The only thing I'm really obsessed with are ships and classes. I don't give a crap what Picard's 15th line was from Episode 113 was. I'd rather nitpick on inconsistensies.

My ShipEdit

Yeah, I'm in current command of the USS Retribution. Jealous? You'd better be. I'd blow you outta the water anyday.
Uss enterprise self destruct


STATUS: Eh, she's down for...repairs. Last time I press the big red button...

USS Odyssey critically damaged

I am definitely getting sued for this...

UPDATE!!! I managed to get a rental, but that didn't fare too well either. I should go back to bartending...


I will periodically put up captions of pictures. Here's a few.

Scott recognizes Kirk as Romulan

Kirk: Glad to see you like my disguise, Scotty. Now, if you promise you will not laugh at me again, I may remove that electric collar from between your buttocks.

James Kirk's evil counterpart

Kirk: Who replaced my Hershey bar with the chocolate Ex-Lax?

Montgomery Scott, Generations

Scotty: Captain. We need to talk about the bathroom lineups.

Pressman and Riker

Riker: I will remind Mr. Crusher that red, silk undergarments are not part of the Starfleet Dress Code, Admiral.

Acamarian brandy

McCoy: Anyway's Jim, I came back to my office and your urine sample had vanished! I wonder where that blasted thing got to...

Borg fetal drone

I'm gonna grow up to terrorize Fedaration ships!

Kirk surrounded by Tribbles

Kirk: I told Starfleet the toilet paper supplies were getting low, but this is ridiculous...

Cheese, Cogenitor

Worf: No amount of prune juice will make me wear that on my head!


Kruge: "Trading the last of our antimatter for that Betazoid lingerie catalog was totally worth it!"


These are my personal opinions on various aspects of Star Trek. You don't have to agree with them, but I just post them to get my ideas out there.

Freak Trekkies

If you've known about Star Trek for a long time, you will know of people who eat, breath, and sleep Star Trek. Then you will hear of those where Star Trek is a major part of thier life. Then you will hear of people who LIVE Star Trek. I mean the people who wear uniforms as regular clothing, or think they are a Klingon. I think they've lost their marbles. Don't get me wrong, I will never hate my fellow Trekker, but those who take it to an extreme level as in to think they are actually a captain... Please! Our reputation as geeks is bad enough with all those fat guys wearing spandex uniforms (and pants *cringe*). We don't want people thinking we are all schizophrenic or somthing...


Why are people constantly crapping on Enterprise? It wasn't a bad series! Sure, there are some parts that could have been left out (Trip and T'Pol sitting in a tree...), but other than that, it was a well written series with some very well developed storyline and charachters. Not to mention some interesting insight into the past. My only real complaint was a lack of imagination. Fo' example, Phase Cannon and Photonic Torpedos. Both practically function exatically like thier future counterparts. Lasers and Spatial missiles would have made the ol' ontinuity flow a lot smoother. But other than that, it still holds #3 on my favorite Series list (after TOS and TNG, of course). And if you still think it was a crappy series, go play in traffic.

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