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A listing of images of images that for various reasons are interesting to me, preserved here because this kind of treasures are so easily overlooked. And after all, they are the final frontier in canon, locking info about the universe that perhaps will never be fully revealed.

Tip: If you go to the associated pages, or talk pages, many have analysis and/or have been deciphered.

Images from the Picard family album

note that many of these were not seen on-screen and that their canon status is thus uncertain at best


See also this page for a much more systematic approach of starfleet personal files seen.

Maps and planetary fact-files

See also this listing: Federation star charts


Logistics and burocracy

selected ship statistics and schematics

Biology and medical sciences


Also see the pages on the Guardian of Forever, Iconian gateway, the Time stream, Unnamed non-humanoids (24th century), and the earlyer mentioned Federation star charts for some very neat galeries that would be pointless to reproduce here

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