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This is for stuff I researched, but where I didn't find my conclusions extensive or relevant enough to be integrated in an article. I figure I might as well put it up nonetheless, for later reference. More comming as soon as I find my other notes...

Map of klingon spaceEdit

Klingon space in 2154, The Augments

A few notes from studying the map:

  • the border shown is between the Klingon Empire and "Starfleet explored space"
  • (the red and blue dots right of the map are presumably a guide to the colours used
  • the circled planet near the border is presumably Qu'Vat colony
  • The klingon planets seem clustered, with one larger icon in each cluster. This might indicate "provinces" each with a capital, or solar systems (thus hinting at the scale of the map)

Civil RightsEdit

Civil Rights Movement, Timestream

Though most remains a mystery, I've deciphered at least a few words: (of the front panel)

xxx xxx xx [:?] xxx
            : [the?] right to vote
xxxxx xxxxx : segregation of schools
:xxxxxx xxxxxx

Time streamEdit

Timestream image 2

based on the style I suspect this is a baroque painting, possibly dutch. But despite searching through literaly hundreds of suspects, I haven't been able to identify it.


seems familiar, should investigate

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