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If you've stumbled upon this page by coincidence, I don't think it will be of much use to anyone but myself. The basic idea is; I get inspiration or ideas for stuff al the time, but often I lack the time to tackle it right away, so this is an experimental place were I'll be collecting those notes untill I'll use them.


  • this article could be expanded
  • more info on specific methods, (think hints can be found on Mars & Venus)
  • find a way to mention Maxia Zeta III and Maxia Zeta IV, these were deemed suitable for teraforming but never terraformed as far as we know, so there still relevant for this article even though there is currently no place to put them.
  • so perhaps break up the list in "terraformed", "in the proces of..." and "deemed suitable" or something? might be tricky to find the right category for each planet.
  • Also, "aborted terraforming", like the microbrain planet (find info about terraforming protocols there?

borg rebelionEdit

  • should check more carefully, but I don't think a page exists on the unimatrix zero inhabitants rebelion
  • don't know what name it should have though, borg civil war perhaps?

Picard familyEdit

canon and semi-canon should be better seperated


  • I seems many species of the week delta-quadrant conflicts are missing
  • also mirror universe and alternative timeline events might better fit in their own sections rather then between the others

my personal list of missing pagesEdit

when I notice a page is missing, and I'm to bussy or unknowledgeble to create it, I place it here. Feel free to be inspired by this list, as though I find it useful to have this list, there's little chance i'll make most of this pages myself

  • Twins
  • Anti-grav sailing
  • Lord of the games
  • psychological profile
  • Depression
  • Astrometrics computer

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