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July 19, 2006

Buster Kincaid is me; I am Buster Kincaid. The user, not the Captain Proton holonovel character.

This page will likely become more coherent in the future.

Beginning in the summer of 2006, I discovered this wikia site and began reading it extensively when needing a break from work. When younger, I used to read The Star Trek Encyclopedia for fun for hours on end, so I was quite excited to find a living, breathing version in wiki form.

It so happens that, at that same time, I had just begun an effort to watch all Star Trek series and films in order of airing/release. Indeed, I do at last own them all on DVD.

Having finished TOS, TNG, and all but 2 films, I am now (2/2/07) working on DS9:5 & VOY:3. FYI that's almost 60% (but not quite).

I always review the article about the episodes I have just watched. If anything that stuck out in my mind is missing from the article and seems appropriate, I hope to help out by filling it in. Or, if I stumble upon anything else canon-Trek-related in regular daily life that makes me think "fascinating", I might just try to find a place for it.

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