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Fifth of Nine, Primary Processor of Unimatrix Zero One
Location: Florida
Occupation: Assimilating
Favorite series: Deep Space Nine
Favorite characters: Hugh, Garak, and Weyoun
Favorite race: Borg
Favorite movie: The Voyage Home

I am looking into adding quotes to DS9 Episodes. I also love the Borg and hope one day become part of the Borg Collective.



Danube Class Runabouts

- Added a link to lead to the actual Danube Class article. Big hats off to Tim for starting the template.

Weyoun Saga

- Creating an Weyoun Saga template to connect Weyoun related episodes together, without having to muck about finding each one. Impute on the talk page will be most helpful. This template may never get used, but it is something to think about.


"Nor the Battle to the Strong"
Filling in summary and cleaning up quotes.

- I have desided to take on ...Nor the Battle to the Strong and fill out the episode summary and clean up the quotes. I would like to note that even though the episode is titled "...Nor the Battle to the Strong" Wiki naming does not allow the "..." to be place in the title of the page. There needs to be a clean-up of the many redirects.


"You saw what we wanted you to see. Do you know who started the rumors about brutality at Gallitep? Gul Darhe'el himself. Now there was a leader. A brilliant, extraordinary man. He knew that to rule by fear was to rule completely. Why bother with actual mass murder, when the mere reports of such incidents achieved the same effect."

- Marritza/Darhe'el

"What lies? You mean my failure to divulge my true identity? Believe me, I yearned to tell you. But I knew how much more satisfying it would be for you to find out for yourself. And believe me, Major; that was my only deception. Marritza? He was a magnificent file clerk. And I, Gul Darhe'el? I hope you won't think it immodest of me when I say that I was a magnificent leader. You never saw Gallitep at its height. As a labor camp, it was the very model of order and efficiency. And why? For that, you must look to the top. To me! My word, my merest glance, was law. And my verdict was always the same: Guilty."
"You're insane!"
"No, no, no, Major... I'm sorry, but you can't dismiss me that easily. I did what needed to be done. My men understood that... which is why they loved me. I'd order them to go out and murder Bajoran scum, and they would do it... They'd come back covered in blood... and still feel clean. Yes, Major... clean. And why did they feel that way? Because they were clean!"

- Marritza/Darhe'el and Kira

This is one of my favorite episodes of Deep Space Nine because of the breath taking performence by Harris Yulin. I went on to try and catch more of his work.

The House of QuarkEdit

"The House of Kozak is gone... for the time being, it will be known as..."
"The House of Quark."

- Gowron and Quark

Distant VoicesEdit

"Tennis balls?"
"This station is in worse shape then we thought."

- Bashir and Garak

The Way of the WarriorEdit

"They broke seven of your transverse ribs and fractured your clavicle!"
"Ah, but I got off several cutting remarks which no doubt did serious damage to their egos."

- Bashir and Garak

"Consider what you do here, Gowron. Kahless himself said, 'Destroying an Empire to win a war is no victory.'"
" '...and ending a battle to save an Empire is no defeat.'"

- Worf and Gowron
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