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About Me
Name: Paul
Born: 1961
Location: Maryland, United States
Occupation: Software developer
My contributions</td></tr>


I found this wiki in August, 2004. So far, I've chiefly contributed to the TOS area, as those are the episodes I know the best. I like Trek, of course. Most of it, that is. Beyond that, I like walking, swimming, reading (especially science, medicine, science-fiction, fantasy, mystery, history), gardening, model railroads (a hobby I keep meaning to get back to one of these days). I collect the occasional comic book series, and I get together with good friends for roleplaying games on a semi-regular basis.

Featured ArticlesEdit

  • Trelane. Mostly me, but many thanks to those whose contributions made it better.
  • M-113 creature. I did a bunch of early work on this one, and other folks expanded and improved it.
  • Landru. Mostly me, but thanks, as always, to those who improved it.
  • Organians. Added much information from "Errand of Mercy".

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