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Hi there!

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First of all, some information about me: I was born in 1992, in Bucharest, the capital city of Romania. Although you may consider me pretty young, I know quite a lot about Star Trek, because I grew up with it.

About Star TrekEdit

Star Trek is not just a series of episodes and movies, it's more than that... far more. It's a state of spirit and mind, a whole new world with new ideas where anything is possible due to the unprecedented technological advancements. That's what attracted me about Star Trek. And also the thrill and excitement you live when, in your chair, back at home, watching the Enterprise navigating its way through unimaginable dangers, hope that this bold ship and crew will live to fight another day, encounter a new civilization or discover a new nebula. Because you never know what lies behind the next planet, star or asteroid belt. This suspense is the essence of the Trek world which draws inside millions of people (including me :)).

My plansEdit

Being new around here I've decided to edit some pages, make new ones and add supplementary information for the next few weeks. But this is only a temporary objective. My final objective is to go "where no man has gone before" and start working on a new, Romanian version of the site... yes the Romanian translation :)! Of course I won't be able to do it all by myself, so anyone who wishes to join me is free to do so (I even ask him to do so). I will also be happy to help anyone about any problem regarding the Trek world.


My main reason behind this "odd" (as you may consider) undertaking is that my fellow countrymen (although they are hard working) don't cope very well with foreign languages (I don't know if more than 30% Romanians know English at such a level to enable them to read, explore and understand the wonderful world of Star Trek through Memory Alpha :().

Thank you for accepting me in your collective (users collective not Borg :)). I hope I'll do my best sharing knowledge with you and I'll strive to achieve "the article perfection" (I'm also hoping to read new, interesting details about the series, movies, ships, planets and many more). Thank you again.

Best Regards, --Andynomite 18:23, 11 July 2007 (UTC)

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