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Name: Kirk
DOB: 09/073/1973
Origin: My mother being a original Trek fan claims my name is not related.
Current Location: India then back to the U.S. then maybe New Zealand for good.
Species: Human, though I do wish I was a Andorian or even a Bolian would be interesting. Something about blue skin...
Occupation: Archaeologist (couldn't cut the calculus to do it full time) Librarian (quit that) SAP HR Consultation
Favorite Episode: "Arena"
Favorite Movie: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

All good captains have a dog.

I grew up as a youngster watching Star Trek. I remember with great joy watching a Star Trek marathon and hearing that they would be showing "The Cage" for the first time ever. I remember thinking how different the Enterprise looked and wondering why Spock smiled when he looked at the quivering plant. I was really into the aliens on the show. Having discovered Star Trek and Wars at the same time. I thought Star Trek had better aliens (background information-wise) while Star Wars had better robots.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan was probably the first Trek flick I got to see in the theaters. My parents previewed Star Trek: The Motion Picture and while they found nothing objectionable in it said "We aren't going to sit through that a second time". My dad never really got Star Trek or pretty much any science fiction but my mom made up for that. As stated above my mom was into to Star Trek from the very beginning of it airing. I've asked her on a couple of occasions is Star Trek the reason for my first name. She never gives me a clear cut answer and just says she liked the name Kirk. I suspect it was at least subconsciously done if not on purpose.

I was lucky enough to go to my first Trek convention right before TNG began probably around 1986 or '87. James Doohan was the guest speaker and it was one of my favorite experiences. This was pre-internet so I got to see all the bloopers for the first time. The audience got to ask Doohan questions and he told us that Paramount had sign Trek up for 3 more movies (which would be V, VI and VII. Of course everyone there assumed they'd all be TOS cast films. I had the foresight to bring my copy of Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise and had Doohan sign it. It is the one collectible I'm most proud of having and will never sell it.

My Take on Star Trek: The Next GenerationEdit

At the convention they just had a tiny tiny little kiosk with some TNG stuff. I can only recall seeing a Klingon in a very different Starfleet uniform and a lady in a blue short skirt uniform (probably Troi I guess). I could not wait for this. While the series in hindsight started off rough I don't remember it. I just thought oh boy new Trek and new aliens every week. I never liked Wesley but who did? I watch every episode the day it aired until the last one.

My Take on Star Trek: Deep Space 9Edit

By the time Deep Space 9 came out I was leaving for college. I had no tv so my mom taped the season premier for me. I unfortunately got bored with DS9 before it really picked up. Worf wasn't on it yet and I didn't really care for any of the main characters. By the time I had a tv again and was able to watch DS9 I got to just watch the end and realized I missed out on some really good stories.

My Take on Star Trek: VoyagerEdit

When I heard about the promo's for Voyager I wasn't eager for the series. I heard that there would be a female captain. I didn't care so much but when I saw who would be the captain I really wasn't interested. There is something about Mulgrew that just grates on my nerves. She comes off to me as a very smarmy arrogant captain. I tried to watch this series but after about 5 episodes I gave up. I think the bigger problem what that I knew that Berman was really starting to see Starfleet's togetherness as being a liability for story telling (This began in Ds9 but wasn't so obvious and worked better within the story). I felt like Brannon had buddied up to Roddenberry and then with his death said "Ok now we're going to change things up alot". Even Enterprise being set before the Federation showed Brannon seeing the Federation as chains and a great limiter. I also didn't care for his adding characters to sex up failing ratings.

My Take on Star Trek: EnterpriseEdit

By the time Enterprise did come around I was so disgusted with Berman and Braga that I didn't even bother to watch the premier. I'd just watch the original series, catch up on Ds9 and watch the even numbered films (and 3 it wasn't too bad). When I'd heard rumors that Andorians were showing up my interest was piqued. Earlier on I'd heard statements to the effect of "I hate Andorians" "I hate their antennae ect ect". But they ended up getting an episode. Fan reaction was so strong that they started getting more and more air time. It is solely because of this that I started watching Enterprise. I'm so glad I did. While the Temporal War stuff wasn't so strong it led to what unfortunately became the last season. Manny Coto was given the helm of the show (some say because they knew this was the last season and were fed up with fan reactions always being opposed to what they wanted to do). Anyways as I see it a fan of the TOS got to do stories that worked within the framework of what Star Trek stood for and not fight against it and see it as a limitation. It really did get jammed with alot of what fans wanted to see at the end. I had really wanted Shran to join a show regular and it turns out that would have happened if there was a season 5. As for "These Are the Voyages..." my opinion is it didn't happen. At least the records don't list what Riker thinks is the truth. They either got screwed up during the Romulan War or Tucker changed them and fled to Vulcan with T'pol.

My Take on Star Trek: The MoviesEdit

I would supposed around this time the movies were really hit or miss. First Contact as most would agree was a great flick. I was and still am pretty much a believer in the odd films bad even films good rule to Trek Films. I'd guess/hope that with 10 the rule switches to odd good even bad. So hopefully the J.J. Abrams film will be great.

My Take on Star Trek: The NovelsEdit

These are really hit or miss in my opinion. I read The Lost Years and thought it was ok. I must not have been too memorable. The Eugenics Wars which I really had high hopes for was horrible. The idea that it was a background war that no one was aware of and that Khan never really took over any place and accomplished little was just nonsense. I wanted to see the global conflict that is described in the series. Trying to fit Star Treks dates into actual Earth dates is a mistake. Just mark it as a alternate universe and have the Eugenic Wars as a known world event and then then World War 3 as the pre-event of Warp Flight and Starfleet. I really would like to read a good trek book but don't know how to even begin looking for one. I know libraries lump them all in the trash section and don't replace them once the fall apart (judgemental yes).

Currently on Memory AlphaEdit

Alien Theories and suggestions. Might see me lurking in the discussion pages.

Major ContributionsEdit

Not much

Random RantEdit

Yeah I'm not the biggest Berman and Braga(B&B) fan. They have written some very good stuff. My main irk with them though is they felt the non in fighting in the Federation (That Roddenberry was a stickler for) got in the way of good story telling. Every series post-TNG was an attempt to get around this. I heard them say that every possible story has been done and to death. That sounds to me like a burned out writer. Perhaps handing the helm to some fresh young thinker is the thing to do. My evidence that this is true is show by what Manny Coto did.

Perhaps one episode stories are done and over. Ds9 when it really got good started having season long stories. Enterprise started do more and more story arcs as well when it got really good. I would love to see a series that had perhaps a season or at least half a season on a planet and an alien race. Give them time to flesh them out and have some interesting stories. Set it anytime from TOS to the end of the last flick. Heck founding of the Fed would work too.

I have one other aspect of Star Trek that annoys me greatly. Thankfully it only showed up in TOS once "Requiem for Methuselah" but it again showed up in Voyager episodes "Future's End", "Future's End, Part II") with Henry Starling. It the idea that great accomplishments by humans on earth did not really happen because of them. Either some alien came and created them or someone from the future using future circuits started the computer age. It just really seems to be to go against Roddenberry's ideas of man capability.

Miranda oberth nebula

Alien Focuses for each SeriesEdit

It is interesting thing to note that each series focus on an particular alien and gave alot of info on them. Heck Phase II never happened but the alien focus of that would have been the Deltans.

Alien of TOS-VulcansEdit

There is no real argument against this. There are no other aliens who got as much airtime or background information as the Vulcans.

Alien of TNG-KlingonsEdit

We got quite a bit of info on the Betazeds. But to be honest I don't remember hordes of people dressing up like them in conventions or carrying Betazed Boomarangs. Klingons got tons and tons of background information in this series. And the fans just lapped it up. Heck Shakespeare still hasn't been translated to Vulcan as far as I know.

Alien of DS9-FerengiEdit

This is an arguable one. The whole series is based on Bajor. And alot of Cardassian info is given as well. But thanks to Quark the Ferengi redeemed themselves from TNG and even stole the show.

Alien of VOY-BorgEdit

Once 7 of 9 appeared the series really seemed to be Borg focused. Ds9 managed to bypass them by and large. TNG did introduce us to them and gave some info on them but they only appeared in 6 episodes. Voyager introduced the sexy techno-zombie and as she became the focus the Borg and their inner workings became the focus.

Alien of ENT-AndoriansEdit

This began rather late. Alot of Vulcan information was added in this as well. But a lot of that information angered fans. Besides that I think each series should add to a rather unknown alien race and focus on that. Andorians like the Ferengi of DS9 ended up stealing the show. Once the appeared the fans wanted more and more information and scenes on them. And thankfully we got more. I'm greed and wish we got even more but UPN thought differently.

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