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Amol Kotay

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February 22, 2006
Name: Amol Kotay
DOB: Guess
Origin: Holland
Current Location: Surving on the USS Philmore
Occupation: Starfleet Commander
Favourite Episode: TNG: "The Best of Both Worlds"
Favourite Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Favorite Movie: Star Trek: First Contact
Favourite Races: The Borg and Vulcans

Welcome to my User Page! I'm relatively new to Memory Alpha, and I've been at Wikipedia for a few months. I still don't know everything there is to know, so bear with me...

I'm Canadian, but I'm very proud of my Dutch/British heritage. I love anything Sci-Fi, especially Star Trek. As you can see above, my favourite episode is TNG: "The Best of Both Worlds". Long summer, that was...

My favourite episode of Voyager would have to be either "Dark Frontier" or "Scorpion". Both of them include the Borg, so they have to be good.

I'm also a fan of Star Wars. That's right. Flame me if you want, I don't care. I love Doctor Who. Can't get enough of it. Amazing show. Just as good as Trek.

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