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May 21, 2008
Make it so... make it so... I'm also one with the Borg just so you know...
(Shame we'll never hear Weird Al's Frozen parody)
Data's reaction to the POTA crossover on MA

Data's reaction to the Planet of the Apes comic the day after it was announced.
I'm still gonna read it.

I guess I became a Trekkie after seeing Star Trek. I have liked TOS and TNG since I was around the age of ten (and was often picked on for it btw). Funnily enough, I used to consider ST (and Star Wars) creepy when I was younger, though I have always loved dinosaurs, monsters and aliens, which begs the question, at what age do people become Trekkers? I help maintain articles related to the alternate reality and adding pictures from the movie thanks to excellent online galleries from Trekcore and Trekcaps.

My favourite character has been and always shall be Bones, because I just love grumpy doctors and the contrast between what they say and their kind behaviour. My favourite races are the Romulans and Gorn because they're so underexplored compared to the Klingons and Vulcans (seriously, I began writing up the background section for the Romulans because I discovered how many missed opportunities there've been for them).

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MA 2009Warning! This section may contain spoilers for new Star Trek material.
Star Trek XIII

Part of me wants the movie to be a 50th anniversary special in the vein of The Day of the Doctor, with the characters preventing the forthcoming Romulan supernova and the Klingons trying to stop the crew as they look forward to their rival's eventual demise. The "The Enterprise Incident" Commander would be a great because Abrams feels there need to be more female characters, and provide a love triangle for Spock and Uhura (she afterall, has an intriguing unknown name). Then there's also the original Commander, who famously told Kirk "in a different reality, I could have called you friend."

However Patrick McKay and J.D. Payne bought up Skyfall, the 50th anniversary bash that placed the series' story arc (Quantum) on suspension for a stand-alone film, so I don't know really, a good story's what's important really. I doubt Khan will return in this film because Orci was against using him initially.

Hopefully JJ's involvement will stop this becoming another X-Men: The Last Stand (which was also released in 2006), or else Abrams will have to come back with Patrick Stewart to reboot the series again.

  • It would be great if we saw a Nibiran, implying after Kirk's violation the Federation was forced to bring them into the future to sever any further damage seeing the Enterprise would cause their developing civilization.
  • In another role reversal, Uhura informs Spock she's pregnant instead of Carol discovering she is having Kirk's child. Coincidentally, 2264 was the year Tuvok was born.
  • Nick Frost as Welshy. I'm kidding.
  • Please give John Cho a spin-off show.
  • The art department needs to take a look at these and create more beautiful surreal environments like the red jungle.
TNG reboot
  • My dream is we eventually get a TNG movie with Q and the Borg as the villains. In my mind Picard would be a misanthrope who lost the Stargazer to the Borg, and whose perception of the universe is coloured by the random and senseless destruction of his ship, the Kelvin and Vulcan. He'd thought he'd retire standing by on the glorified hotel/ambassadorial retreat of a new Enterprise...
  • But like George Taylor, this cynic finds himself mankind's defender to an omnipotent troll who'd sit by and watch the galaxy become enslaved by the threat that took out the Stargazer.
  • Picard's crew will help him rediscover optimism and the joy of being in the ST universe despite all the dangers of it, and find it within himself to point out life's worth to Q. Hope is not about burying your head to horror, but defying it and moving on.
  • That all said, Picard is a different guy than Kirk. If the approach to modernizing Kirk was to bring something of Luke and Han to him, than John Luke (that was intentional by the way) should be like Indiana: emphasize his background in archaeology and have his adventures be more about discovery and the potential intrigue it brings. I'd love to see Picard uncover the mysteries of the Preservers/Ancient humanoids; the Iconians; the Tkon Empire, the Hur'q and the Borg of course (although you may risk spoiling the fun of speculating whether they're related to V'Ger).
  • For some reason, I think Data and Worf should be buddies. I have no idea why, but it might have something to do with them both finding humans rather puzzling. Perhaps in the new timeline they become classmates.
  • I wouldn't mind DS9 and Voyager cameos, though they shouldn't abuse the new timeline to have Sisko become Picard's sidekick.
Prime or alternate reality
  • I think the next TV series, unless it's the animated spin-off Orci mentioned (which I really want to happen btw, check out Peter Markowski's unofficial proposal), will be set in the prime reality while the films will continue the second timeline. That would provide extra potential for parallel universe crossover episodes, though one wonders if CBS can even depict things from Paramount's series?
  • That may make continuity even harder though, imagine if the TV shows and films depict completely different takes on Gorn or Tholian history when the universes have a shared timeline?

Why TBBT cast can't cameo in STEdit

"Why, that crewmember looked remarkably look me, I shall look him up. 'James Joseph Jim Parsons (born March 24, 1973) is an American television and film actor. He is best known for playing Sheldon Cooper on the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory... Sheldon Lee Cooper, B.S., M.S., M.A., Ph.D., Sc.D. is a fictional character on the CBS television series The Big Bang Theory...' But that's me! Leonard!"

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