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My Trek BackgroundEdit

My name is Mike. I was born in the late 70s, but only got into Trek when TNG started, of which I eagerly watched original broadcasts. My father had been an idle (not avid) fan of TOS at the time and was pleased to see a new series begin, so it became a father/son bonding moment each time, but he lost general interest in other spin-offs. He and my brother (at my father's direction) even created a vaguely TOS and vaguely Wars fan-film with a home VHS recorder and woefully primitive special effects, taking place aboard the Exitprise in search of a shipment of Emptium Cranium, with character name puns like Spotty, but employing opening sequences of Wars scrolling text from an overhead projector and only edited by re-recording over shots.

I've probably seen every episode of TNG, and much of VOY after that hyper-emotional freak Kes finally leaves. I have such a difficult time having to put up with Kes' flower-power attitude that I couldn't get into the series until she left the crew. As of October 2012, I'm trying to watch DS9 start to finish, having seen perhaps ~6 episodes of the series but having long desired giving it a real chance. I'd seen the pilot on its broadcast date, but it didn't really capture my attention then, and I resolved to pick it up again later.

My favorite series in order is TNG, VOY, ENT, DS9, TOS.

My favorite episodesEdit

My favorite episode across all series, aside from any involving Q (whom I idolized, in my teens)..






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