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Norvo Tigan
Name: A.J. Halliwell
Gender: Male
Born: February 13
Origin: Cleveland, Ohio
Status: Akron Zip
Reading: The Needs of the Many

The Needs of the Many cover

Favorite fake planet name: Alpha Yaddayadda III
Least favorite adjective: "youthened" (see: "Rascals")

Hi, I'm A.J.. (feel free to call me such, and leave a message on my talk page) With the busy life of college and a job, I don't get to spend as much time on Memory Alpha as I used to. Add to that I don't have as much to contribute without any series' to input new material, so I'm generally on leave for a while. But I keep on eye on things and check up on MA as often as I can, even if I don't edit anything in particular.

Personal InformationEdit

I currently attend the University of Akron in Akron, Ohio majoring in Education and Political Science.

I love the minute details of Star Trek, that some people don't always notice. For a long time I found links to this site, but *avoided* coming here because it looked like a "" dead end. Boy was I wrong! When I finally did come here, (I don't remember why, but it had something to do with Relay Station 47) I was so glad to find fellow trek fans. With many, going to Wikipedia led them here. I actually came here, and found Wikipedia, which I'm now also addicted to.

If you're reading this, you may want to know about me! If not, scroll down, it's more interesting. I came into Star Trek in the late late 90's, like, 1999 to be exact. First episode I saw was "Night", and was hooked the minute I heard the Doctor say "What's a hologram to do?" He became my favorite character, I love holograms. :-)

Memory Alpha-wise, I've tried to contribute to all kinds of different subjects. The minor-recurring aliens (Kreetassan, Nygean, and Xindi-Aquatics have always appealed to me.) Some novels I like contributing to, cause I only like to read the ones in the back of my head, I can trick myself into believing might be canon. (Particularly fond of the S.C.E. ones) I have, to day, three featured articles to my name, and was voted and made an Administrator on August 4th, 2005.

In late 2005, my contributions slowed a little with the overwhelming load of school work. I try to contribute more on the breaks I do get though. In October of '05, I had a house fire in which my computer was destroyed. In June 2006 I returned to do some editing, but soon after life became busy again. As of January 2008, due to hectic life and lack of new material, I keep on eye on MA but only edit occasionally.

Pages I intend to work on some dayEdit

Pages that I feel Especially Proud of...Edit

(Ma forum new = Featured Article)

Favorite Trek-related QuotesEdit

Not necessarily from Star Trek, but these quotes cracked me up (at least at the time I read them) and I needed to put them somewhere or I'd forget them.

"Twelve is a larger number than you think it is."

"How much larger is twelve than I think it is?"
- SolarEclipse Forums

"Seven shelters the Doctor in her implants, tonight on Star Trek: Voyager!"

- TV Guide description of upcoming "Body and Soul" ; TBBS, someone's signature

"Unnamed mutant lizard movie was a 20th century Earth movie about a mutated lizard."

- Talk:Mutant lizard movie

"I prefer to remain the Kucinich of MA - right on most issues but not necessarily taken seriously."

- Vedek Dukat ; Also my local Rep.

"Another time, perhaps." - Tuvok

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