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Suspension/Removal of administrative powers Edit

Through the course of activities at Memory Alpha, it may become necessary to discuss the status of an adminisrator's powers due to their behavior. Such an action should only be undertaken after careful consideration and after all other attempts to resolve the situation amicably have failed.

Criteria Edit

The criteria for such a discussion can be:

  • Inappropriate use of administrative powers against another user
  • Inappropriate use of article protection
  • Gross violations of policies and/or procedures
  • Repeated violations of policies that are not acknowledged or corrected by the administrator
  • lengthy inactivity of the administrator of at least 6 months

Invalid criteria for removal of adminstrative powers can be:

  • personal dislike of the administrator
  • disagreement with valid actions of the administrator
  • incidental and/or minor violations of editing and deletion policies

Motions based on invalid criteria may be immediately thrown out by a bureaucrat before the process has run its course.

Process Edit

Calling for the discussion of an administrator's status may be done by any registered user who has been on Memory Alpha for two weeks and has made twenty significant contributions. If the claimant is found to have used sock puppets in the discussion, the entire process will be ended immediately.

The user calling for the removal of powers must state their reason for doing so. If based on a specific example or incident, a link to the relevant material should be provided. Other users may then cast votes in support of or against the motion. Voters must also state the reasons for their vote.

Result Edit

The discussion on the administrator's status may not exceed ten days. If there are not six total votes within one week, the call for removal is considered unsuccessful and will be ended.

A supermajority of at least three-fourths of votes in favor of the motion must be present in order for it to be successful.

This process shall not be applied retroactively to prior actions, unless violations have continued after this policy's implementation.

A user who had their administrative powers removed may not be considered for renomination as an administrator for a period of three months.

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