The following is a list of unnamed type 8 shuttlecraft.

Numiri decoy Edit

Type 8 shuttlecraft, 2371

A type 8 shuttlecraft with a Numiri ship

This type 8 shuttlecraft was used as a decoy for the Numiri in 2371.

Piloted by Harry Kim and Tom Paris it was tractored by a Numiri patrol ship with the goal to capture Paris and retrieve the information about Doctor Tolen Ren's weapon research transplanted into Paris via a memory engram. The shuttlecraft was loaded with forty tons of thalmerite explosives and Captain Kathryn Janeway threatened the Numiri captain to destroy his ship.

The type 8 shuttlecraft was released and tractored back into the shuttlebay on board USS Voyager. (VOY: "Ex Post Facto")

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