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The following is a list of unnamed recreational activities.

Aldean holographic toys Edit

Aldean holographic toy

Alexandra playing with holographic toys

Alexandra, one of the children kidnapped by Aldeans from the USS Enterprise-D in 2364, was pacified by Rashella by letting her play with a holographic toy. (TNG: "When The Bough Breaks")

Ba'ku ball game Edit

Baku ball game

Ba'ku children involved in a game

In 2375, several Ba'ku children were observed to be involved in a game which seemed to revolve around keeping several small balls in the air. (Star Trek: Insurrection)

Darwin Station polyhedron game Edit

Darwin Station game

A game involving polyhedrons

This game, played by the genetically engineered children at the Darwin Genetic Research Station while under quarantine in 2365, involved multicolored polyhedrons. (TNG: "Unnatural Selection")

The glass table was a prop provided by Modern Props. [1]

Enterprise recreation room games Edit

Enterprise recreation deck games one

A game consisting of a floor screen with moving lights

Enterprise recreation deck games two

A board game

While trying to recover emotional responses in the Ilia probe, Commander Willard Decker showed it two games on the USS Enterprise recreation room. The first game consisted of a black area on the floor with flashing light patterns, while the second was a board game of which he remarked that he had played it with Ilia and she always won. (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)

Kelemane's planet sport Edit

The sport on Kelemane's planet was a seasonal athletic competition popular among the people of that planet during the pre-spaceflight industrial era and the spaceflight era.

The Doctor became a fan of the sport during the three years that he was living among Kelemane's species. Two of the teams, Mountain and Lakeside, shared a rivalry with one another for many years. There was at least one other team, Red River. Among the famous athletes were Torelius and his grandson. (VOY: "Blink of an Eye")

Krenim game Edit

Paris and Obrist playing a game

A tabletop game

While being held aboard the Krenim weapon ship in 2374 of an alternate timeline, Tom Paris played a tabletop game with Obrist. Paris won the game which consisted of two consoles and several chips on a larger board. Later, Obrist sent Tom Paris the schematics of the temporal core to one of the two tabletop consoles. (VOY: "Year of Hell, Part II")

On the call sheet of the day of filming, the game was simply listed as "Alien Game" in the props section.

Makull's homeworld Edit

Game with sash

Children playing a game

On Makull's homeworld in 2371, children were observed to be playing a game involving running around while passing each other a sash-like object. (VOY: "Time and Again")

In the script of "Time and Again", this game was described as "an alien tag game with streamers."

San Francisco bar game Edit

Holographic plane game

A game played in a San Francisco bar

In 2285, two patrons of a San Francisco bar were seen playing a game involving controlling simple hologram-like airplanes. (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock)

Wesley's game Edit

Wesley's game

Wesley Crusher playing a battleship-like game alone

Wesley Crusher was playing with what appeared to be some kind of board game while aboard the Enterprise-D in 2365. (TNG: "The Dauphin")

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