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The following is a list of unnamed planets.

By quadrant Edit

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Unknown location Edit

Q's planet Edit

Hide and Q planet set, remastered

The surface of "Q's planet"

In 2364, Q brought the crew of the USS Enterprise-D on the surface of a desolate planet at an unknown location. The surface was desert-like with rocks. No life or plant was found on the planet and the sky was green. (TNG: "Hide and Q")

Q's planets Edit

Q's planets

Two planets

These two unnamed planets could be seen from the surface of Q's recreated planet where he brought the crew of the Enterprise-D in 2364. (TNG: "Hide and Q")

Neural parasites' homeworld (24th century) Edit

A species of neural parasites was discovered on this uncharted planet by a survey team around 2364. (TNG: "Conspiracy")

Iconian planets Edit

The surfaces of various planets were seen from an Iconian gateway that formed on the surface of Iconia in 2365. (TNG: "Contagion")

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