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Unnamed medications

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A list of unnamed medications.

Kidney pill

This pill, when ingested, would cause the spontaneous growth of a new kidney, at least in Humans.

In 1986, Dr. Leonard McCoy gave this pill to an elderly patient in San Francisco who was suffering from "kidney dialysis." He joked "now you swallow that and if you have any problems just call me." Soon she was being wheelchaired through the hospital screaming "The doctor gave me a pill, and I grew a new kidney!" The doctors were at a loss, quizmatically looking at her charts stating her kidney was in fact "fully functional." (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)

Analgesic cream

When the USS Enterprise-E traveled backward in time to 2063 in pursuit of the Borg sphere, the Borg began to assimilate the ship. As Borg drones began to cut through the bulkheads into sickbay, Dr. Beverly Crusher activated the EMH program and ordered him to delay the Borg long enough for her team to evacuate. As the drones approached, the holographic doctor remarked that Borg implants may cause severe skin irritation, and offered to prescribe an analgesic cream. (Star Trek: First Contact)

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