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A list of unnamed medications.

Analgesic creamEdit

While the USS Enterprise-E was invaded by the Borg and was visiting the year 2063, the EMH program – tasked, by Doctor Beverly Crusher, with having to stall a group of Borg drones – tried to do so by offering to prescribe them an analgesic cream, as Borg implants could cause severe skin irritation. (Star Trek: First Contact)

Antiseptic fluidEdit

This antiseptic fluid was used on an unnamed planet by Kaitaama. After Commander Charles Tucker III helped her select a vial of it from a medkit, Kaitaama applied it to a scratch on his back. Tucker initially tensed slightly when the lotion was first put on, but Kaitaama persisted and thereafter sealed the wound with a medical dressing. (ENT: "Precious Cargo")

This medication was called an "antiseptic fluid" in the final draft script of "Precious Cargo".

Contraction stimulating drug Edit

This drug was administered by hypospray. It could speed up a pregnant woman's contractions.

In 2378, Tom Paris administered this drug to Brin in order to deliver her fourth baby, as he was losing itsheartbeat. (VOY: "Friendship One")

Kidney pillEdit

This pill, when ingested, would cause the spontaneous growth of a new kidney, at least in Humans.

While visiting a San Francisco hospital in 1986, Dr. Leonard McCoy gave this pill to an elderly patient who was suffering from "kidney dialysis." He joked, "Now you swallow that and if you have any problems, just call me." Soon, she was being wheeled through the hospital announcing to everyone, "The doctor gave me a pill, and I grew a new kidney!" The doctors who worked at the hospital were at a loss, quizmatically looking at her charts stating her kidney was in fact "fully functional." (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)

Background information Edit

In the revised final draft script of TOS: "Balance of Terror", a Romulan commander tried to administer a medicine that wasn't named in the script to a centurion who, in the episode, is shown being injured in battle. The commander attempted to get the centurion to drink the medicine. However, it was rejected by the centurion because, due to chest pain, he was finding swallowing too difficult.

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