Rock carving humanoids Edit

In 2152 an Enterprise NX-01 away team studied the ruins of a mysteriously disappeared civilization on an unnamed planet. On the walls of a building that was four thousand years old, they found several depictions of humanoids. (ENT: "Vanishing Point")

The carvings were too stylized to see if they depicted a single species in varying symbolic ways, or several. They might have depicted either the species themselves, or perhaps their mythological figures


Spacefarer rock symbols

Symbols seemingly left behind by the culture

A planet in the Delta Quadrant was said to have been inhabited by a certain people ten thousand years before the 24th century. By that time, only a few symbols burned into the rocks remained, as well as a path that was known to the current visitors to the planet, the Mikhal Travelers. However, the travelers knew little about the race except that they were spacefarers like them. (VOY: "Darkling")

Since so little is known about the race, their classification as Humanoids is hypothetical.

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