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Unnamed holograms

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This is a list of unnamed holograms.

Farmer's daughter

Farmers daughter

A farmer's daughter

The farmer's daughter was an illusory character created by the Caretaker. She was part of an illusionary farm scenario, created to make the crew of USS Voyager feel at ease. She greeted Paris and made amorous advances. When Kim and Paris detected a lifeform in the barn, she tried to stop them from entering. She turned violent as did the rest of the illusionary people, telling Paris that she was not ready for them. She punched Paris knocking him to the ground. (VOY: "Caretaker")

The farmer's daughter was played by Keely Sims.

Holographic harps

Holographic harps

Two holographic harps

These two holographic harps were a program that William T. Riker was listening to when he was called to the transporter room when a Betazoid gift box from Steven and Victoria Miller as a wedding gift for Deanna Troi was beamed onto the ship. (TNG: "Haven")

The two harps were played by unknown actresses.

Malon hologram

The Malon hologram was a ruse by Kurros to disguise himself and trick the Hazari into believing that they were hired by the Malon to capture USS Voyager.

Captain Janeway discovered an isomorphic signature embedded in the hologram giving the true appearance of the individual who placed the bounty on Voyager, Kurros. (VOY: "Think Tank")

Played by an unknown actor.'

Minosian Peddler


A Minosian peddler

The Minosian peddler was an automated sales-pitchman for the Minosian Arms Industry of the planet Minos, who were noted for technologically advanced weaponry, an example of which was the Echo Papa 607. The salesman promised good deals and promised peace through superior firepower.

At first the USS Enterprise-D crew believed him to be real. They soon realized that it was a pre-recorded holographic message, and that the Minosian civilization had been wiped out by their own weapons. (TNG: "The Arsenal of Freedom")

The Minosian salesman was played by actor Vincent Schiavelli.

Qomar singing holographic matrix

Qomar singing holographic matrix

Qomar singing holograpic matrix

The Qomar singing holographic matrix was a hologram created in 2376 by Tincoo, a Qomar mathematician. She was inspired to create the hologram by The Doctor.

The hologram shared the same appearance of The Doctor, with the difference of looking like a Qomar, instead of a Human. It was designed to sing far more complex musical compositions than The Doctor was capable of. Specifically it was designed to extend the range of humanoid vocal capabilities. (VOY: "Virtuoso")

The Qomar singing holographic matrix was portrayed by Robert Picardo.



A male member of Species 5618

A Borg hologram of Species 5618, which was the designation given by the Borg for the Human species.(VOY: "Dark Frontier")

Played by an unknown actor.


Weapons demonstration warrior

A holographic warrior

Quark used a holographic warrior used to demonstrate weapons. (DS9: "Business as Usual")

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