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The following is a list of unnamed drinks from the 23rd century.

Green drink Edit

Its green

Scotty holding the green drink

In 2268, Montgomery Scott offered this green drink to the Kelvan Tomar, which he claimed to have found on Ganymede. Unable to identify it by name after examining it when Tomar asked, Scott simply replied, "It's green." (TOS: "By Any Other Name")

Yorktown drinks Edit

The following drinks were consumed at Yorktown in 2263 of the alternate reality.

Jaylah's drinks Edit

Jaylah's drinks

The remains of several beverages

Jaylah was told by somebody that various drinks would take the edge off, so she tried them, but as she explained to Montgomery Scott, "my edge is still not off." Scott was impressed by her beverage consumption. (Star Trek Beyond)

Star cocktail Edit

Star cocktail

A starry beverage

This blue drink had a star-shaped fruit wedge on it. (Star Trek Beyond)

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