A list of unnamed Yaderans.

Villager Edit

Yaderan villager female

A female villager

The female villager was a holographic figure created by Rurigan, a Yaderan who had lost his friends and village in a Dominion attack.

When Jadzia Dax and Odo, who had landed on the planet, discovered that the hologenerator was malfunctioning and causing the villagers to disappear they explained the situation in a town meeting, the female villager refused to believe them. She said that it was a lie and that they were wasting time in finding the villagers. After Dax restored the hologenerator, the village and its people reappeared. (DS9: "Shadowplay")

The female villager was played by actress Trula M. Marcus.

Villagers Edit

Rurigan and taya


These villagers were restored by Jadzia Dax who fixed the hologenerator created by Rurigan, who created holographic villagers after the Jem'Hadar wiped out his village, killing all his friends. (DS9: "Shadowplay")

The villagers other than Rurigan and Taya were played by unknown actors and actresses.