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List of unnamed Valakians.

Astronaut Edit

Valakian, Chris Rydell

A Valakian astronaut

The Valakian astronaut was rescued from his pre-warp vessel by the crew of Enterprise NX-01. He explained that he was searching for a warp-capable society to help his race and begged them to assist with the medical emergency his species was facing. Although this encounter occurred before the official creation of the Prime Directive, there was still some concern about lending assistance to a pre-warp culture. He explained that their culture had already encountered two warp-capable races and it was for this reason that Jonathan Archer decided to help them. (ENT: "Dear Doctor")

He was played by Chris Rydell.

Second astronaut Edit

Second Valakian astronaut

A Valakian astronaut

The Valakian astronaut was rescued from his pre-warp vessel by Enterprise NX-01. He and his fellow astronaut were searching for a warp society to help his race deal with a medical emergency. (ENT: "Dear Doctor")

This Valakian was played by background actor Steve Rosinski.

Valakian medical staff Edit

The Valakian medical staff attended to Valakians who were dying from what they believed to be a plague, but was in reality a genetic inherent flaw in Valakian DNA. Doctor Phlox attempted to assist them in their treatment techniques. (ENT: "Dear Doctor")

They were played by unknown performers.

Valakian medical patients Edit

Valakian patient 1

Valakian patient

These Valakian medical patients were suffering from a genetic flaw in Valakian DNA, which would cause extinction for the Valakians' race. (ENT: "Dear Doctor")

This Valakian was played by Glen Hambly.

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