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List of unnamed Tellarite cruisers.

Andorian conflictEdit

Sometime prior to the 2150s, future Tellarite ambassador Gral stood on the command deck of a cruiser in Andorian space during a conflict where they were "driving those blue demons back into their territory." (ENT: "Babel One")

Alliance shipsEdit

Alliance fleet (2154)

Alliance fleet

In 2154, several cruisers were incorporated into an Andorian-Tellarite-Vulcan fleet which consisted of some 128 ships, formed in response to a Romulan marauder that threatened the entire region. During an engagement with the marauder, one of the Tellarite ships was hit, though her crew was rescued by an Andorian warship. (ENT: "United")

Mirror universeEdit

Destroyed rebel cruiserEdit

Tellarite cruiser, mirror universe

Opening fire

This cruiser was part of the rebel fleet that engaged the Terran Empire's assault fleet in early 2155.

This ship was engaging the ISS Avenger, when the USS Defiant arrived and started attacking the rebel ships, the Tellarite ship opened fire on the Defiant, failing to cause any damage. The Defiant responded by firing at its reactor, and the cruiser was instantly destroyed. (ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II")