The following is a list of unnamed Talaxians.

Avery III prisoners Edit

Talaxian Prisoner

A Talaxian prisoner

A Talaxian ship with a crew of 23 were taken prisoner by the Vidiians in 2365, and forced to do hard labor, digging tunnels at the Vidiian base on Avery III. By 2371, only one unnamed Talaxian male was left.

He was encountered by Tom Paris, in 2371, when he explained that he was the last of the survivors from his ship; the others had been harvested for their organs. He was almost mad. He laughed at Paris, who wanted to escape, telling him there was no escape, and the only way to live was to stay physically strong, but added that even doing that would not save him from having his organs taken. (VOY: "Faces")

The Talaxian prisoner was played by Rob LaBelle.
The Star Trek Encyclopedia and the Star Trek: Voyager Companion mistakenly credit Barton Tinapp for this role.

Colonists Edit

These close to five hundred colonists settled on an asteroid in an asteroid field and were threatened by an alien miner, Commander Nocona, who tried to send them away and take the ore from their asteroid. They built a colony under the surface of the asteroid and were headed by Oxilon. In 2378, USS Voyager discovered the colony and sent an away team to visit. Neelix decided to stay with one of the colonists, Dexa, and her son Brax. (VOY: "Homestead")

All Talaxians were played by background performers who received no credit for their appearance.
One of them was played by actor Chip Murdock.

Neelix' familyEdit

Neelix' cousin Edit

This man transported disulfides from a gas giant. According to Neelix, he claimed to love flying through the atmospheric turbulence. Neelix had his doubts as disulfides were known for causing delusions. (VOY: "Friendship One")

This character was only mentioned in dialogue.

Neelix' great-grandmother Edit

This woman was known for saying "it's nice to be nice." Neelix quoted her catchphrase to Dala when she asked why he was being nice to her after she cheated him. (VOY: "Live Fast and Prosper")

This Talaxian was only mentioned in dialogue.
She may be the wife of this man.

Neelix' mother Edit

This woman was particularly gifted at telling stories about the ingredients in her meals, as per Talaxian tradition. Neelix's favorite story involved a crustacean. (VOY: "Flashback")

This Talaxian was only mentioned in dialogue.

Officers Edit

These two officers were part of the force led by Tom Paris to rescue the Voyager crew and recapture the starship after it had been seized by the Kazon. Together with their Commander Paxim they beamed aboard Voyager and manned the bridge stations. (VOY: "Basics, Part II")

Both Talaxians were played by background performers, who received no credit for their appearance.
The costume worn by Charles Spector was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1]

Paxau masseuse Edit

Rinax victims Edit

Female Edit

Talaxian victim

This victim was killed by the metreon cascade on Rinax in 2356.

In 2371, Doctor Ma'Bor Jetrel unsuccessfully tried to restore the vaporized body by means of Voyager's transporter. (VOY: "Jetrel")

Males Edit

Talaxian victims 2

Two Talaxians from a dream

These victims were killed on Rinax, when the Haakonian Order unleashed the metreon cascade.

Neelix dreamed of them when he relived the horror of watching his family and fellow Talaxians incinerated by the metreon cascade. This dream was brought on because Neelix feared that Naomi Wildman might face the same thing when her mother might be lost in the crash of the Delta Flyer. (VOY: "Once Upon a Time")

The Talaxians were played by unknown actors.