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Unnamed Talarians

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The following is a list of unnamed Talarians.


Four Talarian cadets were found wounded and unconscious aboard a Talarian observation craft in 2367. A fifth cadet was Jono, a Human. Doctor Crusher ordered to beam them directly into sickbay where she treated their wounds. They've returned to the Talarians after meeting Captain Endar aboard the Q'Maire. (TNG: "Suddenly Human")

All four cadets were portrayed by background actors and three of them with the last names Hogan, Weisberger, and Esterer. They filmed their scenes in sickbay on 26 July 1990 on Paramount Stage 9.
The call sheet features the note "4 cadets with prothetics".


A Talarian delinquent was arrested on Deep Space 9 in 2373 after having drunk too much raktajino, which had intoxicating effects on him. He was released after sobering up. (DS9: "A Simple Investigation")


Two Talarian officers, who served aboard the Talarian warship Q'Maire, beamed aboard the USS Enterprise-D together with Captain Endar. They were dressed in full Talarian militia garb, including helmets and gloves and wore the same insignia as their captain. (TNG: "Suddenly Human")

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