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Unnamed Species 8472

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The following is a list of unnamed members of Species 8472.

Courting Species 8472

Species 8472 courting

Species 8472 courtship ritual

These Courting Species 8472 were in the lesson of The Doctor for Seven of Nine in his course "Love Amid the Stars: A Romantic Bestiary".

He explained that Species 8472 appears to have as many as five sexes. (VOY: "Someone to Watch Over Me")

These individuals were created by CGI.

Species 8472 on Borg cube

Species 8472 close-up

This member of Species 8472 tore through a wall of a Borg cube, entering a corridor where the USS Voyager's away team was. It attacked Harry Kim. (VOY: "Scorpion")

The individual was created by CGI.

Species 8472 Crewmember

Species 8472 working on console

This Species 8472 crewmember was working a console on a Species 8472 bioship. (VOY: "Scorpion")

The individual was created by CGI.

Species 8472 on Voyager

Species 8472 on Voyager hull

This member of Species 8472 was hunted by a group of Hirogen hunters for several months, in 2374. The creature was rescued by the crew of USS Voyager and Captain Kathryn Janeway intended to return it to fluidic space. In order to stop an attack by Hirogen starships on Voyager, Seven of Nine transported the creature and a Hirogen hunter to the Hirogen's starship. (VOY: "Prey")

The individual was created by CGI.

Starfleet replicants

Starfleet replicants on a reproduction of Starfleet Academy on Terrasphere 8 observed by Chakotay who was watching them using a holo-imager and taking pictures, in 2375.

Chakotay was captured by Species 8472 Starfleet replicants after a scan revealed that he was human. (VOY: "In the Flesh")

The individuals were played by unknown performers. One of the ten replicants on Terrashphere 8 was Boothby.

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